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Terms and Conditions

   1. Subscriptions are non-transferable and are for use only by members of the household in which they were bought. You must

       not share your password with anyone outside of your own household. Doing so will invalidate your subscription and you

       will not be entitled to a refund, even if this is within the 30-day period set out below. This website is aware of the ip address

       used to log in.       


   2. Additional subscriptions will need to be bought in order to enable progress tracking for additional members of the household.

   3. The content of this website is not available on phones.

   4. All content on this website is the intellectual property of Richard Jones.

   5. You can log in on different devices, but it is only possible to be logged in on one device at a time (per subscription).

   6. If you want to use a different browser you will need to log out from the browser you are currently using first. You must also log

       out before clearing local storage from your browser. Clearing local storage will mean that you will need to log in again, and not

       logging yourself out first will make this difficult. The same applies to clearing browsing data or clearing cookies and other site

       data since these actions will also clear local storage.

   7. Local browser storage must be enabled for this website to work properly. It is used to enable you to track your progress and be

       given targets. You won't be able to buy a subscription if local browser storage is not enabled.

   8. Your progress data and chat messages are also stored in a remote database. This is so that you can use different devices and

       also to prevent loss of the data (for example if local browser storage is cleared). The name of the student (your username), the

       name and email address of the person providing payment and your password are also stored in the database. These details 

       are encrypted. They will be deleted from the database when your subscription expires along with all of your progress data and

       chat messages. You must not use a password that you use on any other websites.

   9. This website supports all major browsers. However, it is optimised for use with Google Chrome. You should try the sample

       lessons before buying a subscription to ensure compatibility with the device and browser you intend to use.

10. All subscriptions expire on 30th June 2021 regardless of when they were bought. Subscriptions can be renewed, but note that

       the price will be higher to reflect the amount of content that there will be on the website. There is no automatic renewal of any


11. You are entitled to a refund of your subscription, minus the £0.85 PayPal fee that I paid for the original transaction, at any time

       during the 30 days from when the subscription was bought. Just press the "Account" button on the main page and then the

       "Cancel subscription" button. The refund will be processed on receipt of the request (this is not automated).

12. At least one new lesson will be made available each week until all main topic areas are covered.

13. You are not entitled to any refund of a subscription that is bought after a previous subscription has been refunded, unless this

       is within 30 days of the purchase of the original subscription.

14. No refunds are available either in full or in part after the 30 day period has ended. This applies even if your school changes

       your exam entry to the Higher tier.

15. All lessons follow the same format, which is shown by the sample lessons.

16. You can ask me questions relating to any GCSE Mathematics topic using the website's messaging service (referred to as Live

       Chat), subject to my availability for this. You can also upload document and image files for me to look at, for example a

       worksheet or scanned work you have done. Each message you send uses one credit, which is deducted from your account

       when you receive your reply. Messages with uploaded files use two credits. Credits are bought in advance, up to a maximum of

       five, and cost £1 each. The price of credits may increase at any time. Each message should focus on one specific question

       or problem that you have. I reserve the right not to reply if your message does not do this, although I will let you know and you

       will be able to re-send a more suitable message. Your last 12 messages and replies are available for you to see from the Live

       Chat page. The maximum length of a single message is 500 characters. You can usually expect a reply within 24 hours, but

       often this will be much quicker. Details of my availability can be seen when you are logged in. There will be no live chat from

       25th April 2021 to 4th May 2021. There may be other periods as well at any time of the year. Chat credits are non-refundable

       and expire when your subscription ends on 20th June.

17. This website is designed to support students who are taking the GCSE Maths Foundation tier exam. You will be asked for your

       Target grade but there is no guarantee that using the website will lead to the achievement of this. Most main topic areas will be

       covered before your subscription expires but I cannot guarantee that every aspect of any particular topic will be covered.

18. This website does not display adverts.

19. I can be contacted by email at A phone number is available if you have an account. My

       business correspondence address is Richard Jones, Box 220, 89 Commercial Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5RR.

Last updated 15th January 2021

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