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Your personal online Math teacher

Your personal online Maths teacher


Privacy Policy

This website uses third-party cookies in order to monitor traffic. This includes users' location, ip address, pages visited, time on site, site referrer, operating system and browser.

To create an account you need to provide the name of the student, the name and email address of the person providing payment and a password. This information is encrypted and stored in a remote database. None of it will ever be shared with any third party. You can change any of these details at any time. The name of the student is also referred to as your username and is displayed on the website only to you. It is also used along with your password to log in. You must not use a password that you use on any other websites.

Local browser storage is used to enable the student to track their progress and be set targets. The progress data and targets are also stored in the database. This enables use of the website with different devices and browsers and prevents accidental loss of the data. The information in the database will never be shared. All of your information will be deleted from the database when your subscription expires.

Your chat messages and replies are stored in the database. This enables me to see and reply to them. The last 12 messages and replies are stored. This means you can access them using different devices and    browsers and prevents them being accidentally lost. Your messages will never be shared and will be deleted when your subscription expires.

All payments on this website are made securely through PayPal. This website does not display adverts.


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