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Business correspondence address: Richard Jones

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I am an experienced and successful Mathematics teacher, having worked in secondary schools for 20 years teaching mainly up to GCSE. My students consistently achieved excellent results in public examinations. This enabled me to reach the top of the pay scale for classroom teachers at the earliest opportunity. I have a First-Class Mathematics degree. I am fully up to date with the latest evidence-based knowledge about effective teaching methods and the requirements of the new GCSE. I decided to stop working as a Mathematics teacher in 2014 to create some educational iPad apps which I sold to schools. Not wishing to leave teaching altogether I sought work as a supply teacher in 2016 and worked in a school for a term. I returned there in 2017 to help small groups of students with their GCSE. Despite the demand for  Mathematics teachers in schools I have decided to combine my skills as a teacher with my computing skills to create a website to help individual students on a private basis. My aim is to provide high quality private Mathematics tuition for a fraction of the normal cost. I hope that many students will benefit and that it will have a significant impact on their achievement at GCSE. I still continue to teach Mathematics in schools on an occasional supply basis.

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