Your personal online Maths teacher

  • Interactive lessons with exceptionally clear explanations from an experienced Maths teacher

  • Dynamic questions give unlimited practice of the concepts explained in the lesson

  • Full worked solutions always available

  • Built in common errors tell you what you did wrong when you give an incorrect answer

  • Easier Question option provides a stepping stone where necessary

  • Progress Chart with 4 levels of difficulty (separate from your Target Grade)

  • Weekly targets based on your Target Grade and Progress Chart

  • Prompts to revisit completed lessons until Mastery achieved to ensure learning retention 

  • Comprehensive statistics

  • Messaging service gives access to an experienced Maths teacher. Use as and when needed.

  • New lessons added weekly. Full access to all content until 30th June 2021 for £19.

Are you studying GCSE Maths?

Please fully read the notes below to see how the website works and try the

sample lessons. There is also a list of frequently asked questions at the end.

If so then this website is for you.

Will you be taking the Foundation tier exam?

Using this website can be just as effective as having a private tutor if you know how to make best use of it.



Note that your progress in the sample lessons is not retained

In each lesson you are initially presented with a summary of the key points and a worked example. To complete the lesson you must give five correct answers in a row to the questions. The questions are computer generated and provide unlimited practice of the concept being taught in the lesson.


Pressing the “More explanation” button will give you a full explanation together with additional worked examples. You can answer the questions at any time. If you give an incorrect answer you will be given a full worked solution so that you can see where you went wrong. You can also see the worked solution instead of answering the question if you wish by pressing the “Show solution” button.


If you are finding it difficult to answer the questions correctly despite using the full explanation notes and the worked solutions, you can press the “Easier question” button. The Easier Questions come with their own accompanying notes and again full worked solutions are provided if you get them wrong. Once you have given a correct answer the questions revert to normal. However, you can have an Easier Question at any time by pressing the “Easier question” button. The Easier Questions are     designed as stepping stones to the main questions.


Common errors that students make are built in, so if you give an incorrect answer you may find that you are told specifically where you went wrong. This will be at the end of the worked solution.


If despite all this you are still having difficulty, or if there is something specific you want to ask, you can contact me directly using the Messaging service on this website. Each message costs £1. Credits are bought in advance up to a maximum of five and are deducted when you receive your reply. Your previous 12 messages are stored for you to refer back to at any time. Two free credits are included with your subscription. You can also upload files for me to look at. For example you can scan work you have done, a question from a textbook, a worksheet or an exam question and then upload the image file. If you have an electronic copy of a worksheet then you can upload the document file. Note that password protected documents cannot be uploaded. 2 credits (cost £2) are deducted for replies to messages with uploaded documents.


Your progress for each lesson is indicated at the top of the screen by a coloured square. These are also shown all together in your Progress Chart. The numbers in the squares show how many more correct answers in a row are needed to turn the square green. The numbers in the green squares show how many more correct answers are required to achieve Mastery, which is explained below.

Progress for each lesson:


Green means the lesson has been completed and you understand the concept explained in the lesson. This is achieved by giving five correct answers in a row.

Dark green shows the lesson has been Mastered. A further 10 correct answers must be given at set intervals, indicated by the square turning blue.


White means that no questions have yet been answered.


Yellow means that only correct answers have been given to the questions.


Orange means that both correct and incorrect answers have been given to the questions.


Red means that a large proportion of incorrect answers have been given to the questions.


Blue means that a correct answer must now be given to work towards mastery.

Answers to the Easier Questions have no effect on your progress for the lesson, whether answered correctly or incorrectly. You can have the notes for the lesson displayed when you are answering the questions, unless you are one or two correct answers away from turning the square green or if the square is blue, in which case the notes will be hidden and the "Show solution" button also will be unavailable. You can hide the notes yourself at any time if you wish by pressing the "Hide notes" button.


Once a square has turned green it will never go back to orange or red, regardless of any incorrect answers you may give. A further 10 correct answers are required to achieve Mastery for a lesson and these have to be given at set intervals, depending on how long there is until the exam. Whenever the square turns blue a correct answer is required. You can answer the questions at any time, but if you give a wrong answer when the square is blue it will take longer to achieve Mastery. It takes a minimum of 10 weeks to achieve Mastery when there is more than 21 weeks to go before the exam. Revisiting material and correctly answering questions over a period of time ensures that what you have learnt is not forgotten.


New lessons are made available each week. Lessons cover key concepts and techniques, as well as problem solving and exam style questions. Once a lesson has appeared on the website you will be able to access it at any time. Targets will be set for you each week based around the new lessons for the week as well as your target grade and your progress with previous lessons.

All subscriptions last until 30th June 2021, regardless of when purchased. Subscriptions cost £19 and have a 30-day money back guarantee.

To create an account you need to provide the name of the student (which will be displayed on screen and used to log in), and the name and email address of the person providing payment. You will also need to provide a password. All payments are made using PayPal, although you can also pay by cheque if you contact me before creating an account.

You can only be logged in on one device or browser at a time. If you want to switch to a different device or browser you must log out from the original device or browser first. Your progress data is stored in a remote database so that you can use different devices and browsers and to prevent accidental loss of the data.


This website is available on desktop computers, laptops and tablets (e.g. iPads). It is not available on phones. All major browsers are supported. However, you should look at the sample lessons on the device and browser you intend to use to ensure compatibility. Although all major browsers are supported, this website is optimised for use with Google Chrome. You should use the most up-to-date version of your browser if possible. Note that you should use the buttons on the website to navigate between pages rather than the Back and Forward buttons in your browser.


This website uses local browser storage. Clearing local browser storage will cause you to be logged out from the website, so you must log out yourself before doing this to avoid problems logging back in. The same applies to clearing browsing data or clearing cookies and other site data since these actions will also clear local storage.


Your subscription comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If during this period you decide that you don't want to continue using this website you can press the "Cancel subscription" button on the main page and receive a refund (minus the £0.85 PayPal fee that I paid for the original transaction).

New lessons are added each week. The following are currently available:

  • Converting fractions to decimals using a calculator

  • Converting fractions to percentages using a calculator

  • Expressing one number as a percentage of another 1

  • Expressing one number as a percentage of another 2

  • Pythagoras' Theorem 1

  • Pythagoras' Theorem 2

  • Pythagoras' Theorem problem solving 1

  • Pythagoras' Theorem problem solving 2

  • Interpreting Frequency Tables

  • Mean from a frequency table

  • Median from a frequency table

  • Mean for grouped data

Richard Jones

Teacher of Mathematics

I am an experienced Maths teacher, having taught in secondary schools for 20 years. Despite the demand for Maths teachers, instead of continuing in the classroom I have decided to create a website to support students with their preparation for their GCSE Maths exam. Work was started on the website at the beginning of 2019 and I am now ready to accept students who will be taking the Foundation tier exam.

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